Saturday, January 1, 2011

Prospero Año Nuevo!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that everyone had as good a night as we all did in Vina del Mar. Disregard the poor Spanish, Emma´s keyboard is set for Swedish. After my last post Ildi, Emma, and I proceded to drink wine, beer, rum, and pisco until 3 in the morning. Meanwhile, I managed to lose the key to our appartment. It was far too late to call Beatriz for a new key so we hailed another cab to crash at Henrik´s house.

We are quickly learning that Chile time is just as slow as the rest of Latin America. Beatriz was supposed to meet us at 10 with the key so that we could pack, clean up the appartment, and catch our bus to Valpo at 12. She showed at five past eleven. We had twenty minutes to throw our things together and made our bus with only five minutes to spare. In Valpo we had issues with our taxi driver (we did not throw up in his cab) calling Emma gringita and arguing with us about the price of our cab. Huevon chill. Needless to say, our hole in the wall hostel (it has no name nor sign) was very welcome.

By about six we were ready to explore Valpo, after a `quick`meal at the vegetarian restaurant across the street. Our hostel was up on the hill on the way to Pablo Nerudo´s house. Everything in Valpo is colorful stacked and kinda stinky. There were people everywhere. We ran into a guy we took a picture with in Santiago (he had an Alpha Phi shirt on ... obvi), but otherwise there was nothing to wild. We did find this amazing restaurant called El Mastadonte that had dinosaurs on the wall. It was very Chilean and we had our first Chorrillano with lomo liso. This is a huge...gigantic pile of french fries with marinated flank steak, eggs, sauteed onions, and loads of cheese. I can not exagerate the deliciousness of this pile of food. YUM

The next day we made our way to Viña del Mar were we split an appartment with Thea, Martin, y Henrik for New Years (we will be here until Monday). Last night was a little insane. The PG version is that we partied on the roof with a bunch of grandpas and grandmas (one of whom kept taking pictures of us...) while watching the fireworks over the bay. The fireworks are set off from Valparaiso to Reñaca and are all syncronised. The show was beautiful. We were up until 4 again, but went to bed slightly sober and very content.

Today I finally got to see Black Swan. I never want to see that frightening movie again. Dear GOD.

Tomorrow we are going back to Reñaca for swimming, sunbathing, rolling down sand dunes and helping Emma interview some fisherman.

Again, Prospero Año amigos!

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