Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cajon del Maipo

Back in Santiago, for a moment. A lot has happened since the last post. We went climbing in Cajon del Maipo and spent a day in Santiago visiting Santa Lucia y El Mercado Central. I also have some pictures to upload. I actually have about 300, but I will spare you all and put up some highlights.

Cajon del Maipo was so wonderful that I am returning shortly for another day of climbing. The rock is high quality volcanic rock with fun pockets and knobs. A local with a refugio in Manzano showed us around and made sure that we didn't have to think at all about which climbs to go to or how to get to them. This is good because I still can't even say the name of the crag that we were at. We got Ildi, Emma, and Henrik up on the rock. Henrik ran up in his hiking shoes, Ildi tapped into her inner Hungarian and overcame her fear of heights, and Emma realized that she in fact is the one with the fear of heights. I am scraped up and sunburnt and heading back for some trad climbing this afternoon.

Ildi left for Boston last night so we ran around Santiago trying to see everything she wanted to see before leaving. We visited Santa Lucia, the hill on which Santiago was founded, before finding our way to Mercado Central to say hello to some fishermen. I liked Santa Lucia mostly because it is high enough to give a good view of the city and it's built into columar joints. Que rico!

I also had lunch with my friend Alvaro (of Katmai fame) and we made plans for me to meet him in Chaiten in mid-February. A week of geology and climbing around a lava dome on an active volcano - perfecto.

I am short on time, but I'll throw some pictures in for you all to enjoy.

Saying goodbye to Bear in LA

Dulce de Leche ice cream in Santiago - yum

Bellavista market has really cool locally made jewelry and crafts that aren't too expensive

Chorrillenas in Valparaiso - the epitome of Chilean cuisine

Playing Kings in Vina del Mar
Cafe Journal, Vina del Mar

Emma and I in Valparaiso

New Years fireworks on our roof in Vina del Mar

La Playa in Reneca

Martin, Thea, Emma, Me, and Henrik in Renaca

Ildi and I jumping off Las Dunas in Concon

Ildi and Emma showing what happens when you run around in the dunes

View of Vina del Mar and Valparaiso from Concon

Mariscos in Reneca

Emma and I enjoying some jugo de frutilla at a wonderful restaurant over the waves in Reneca

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