Monday, January 10, 2011

Isla Negra

I forgot a few details in my last post so I will update and then tell all about my adventures this weekend.

While we were in El Quisco we took a short trip to Isla Negra to visit one of the quirky homes of the great Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda. Throughout our time in El Quisco (all 3 days worth) Emma, Ildi, and I took turns being sick. Isla Negra was my day to feel the pains of travel. Despite this, we enjoyed the home very much. Sort of...

Getting to Isla Negra is quite easy from El Quisco. We took a collectivo (which is a sort of taxi that fills up with as many people as possible) for around 2USD a person and made the 10 minute drive down the coast to the small town surrounding Pablo Neruda's house. For the most part, this town is entirely driven by tourism for Neruda. The driver dropped us off at the street and we walked down dirt roads to the museumesque home. Although the sun was shining brightly through the ozone layer hole, the intense winds made it quite brisk. Neruda's house is situated on black rocks looking out over the Pacific and it is also here that him and his wife are buried. You can only see the house with a tour that I blocked out of my mind. I avoid tours as a rule and this one was the epitome of why I despise them. All the lady talked about was when Neruda bought all of the things in his house (there is a lot) and there was nowhere to sit when I started to feel my lunch rising up through my stomach. Awesome!  On top of that, no pictures are allowed. It is cool to say I have been there, but I think money can be spent better on other things. Such as a bicycle wine tour outside of Santiago.

Ildi and I 'bundled up' for the winds in front of Isla Negra

Pablo Neruda's ship that never made it in to the water because he was afraid of the ocean (although he loved it...)

The view from Neruda's bedroom. One of the only photos allowed inside the house

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