Monday, January 10, 2011

More about El Quisco...and how to avoid potentially dangerous situations while travelling

When we arrived in El Quisco famished, fatigued, and ready for a siesta we got in to a taxi with a man representing habitaciones for 24000 pesos a night (this is about 50USD) for three people. It sounded good. We would have our own Cabana with a kitchen and a private bathroom. Perfect, right? Nooooooo.

This is what we arrived to:

Make note of the sagging bed filled with bedbugs and the styrafoam ceiling. This place is where nightmare come true and girls get sold into the sex trade we're certain. The kitchen was not much better. The drywall was not completely plastered and there was a giant hole around the pipe for the oven. On top of that, the owner wheeled over a new propane tank to install for the hot water. This was a very frightening moment and we all walked outside to avoid death by combustion. 

In retrospect, this was a good move. Our friends that we met down here had a fire in their home just yesterday. Josephine, an adorable blonde Swedish girl, was lighting her ancient stove and it exploded. She and her friend Jerry were not seriously hurt, but she lost her eyebrows and some hair and Jerry and her feet were badly burned by gas that ignited on the floor. The house was mostly destroyed and she lost all of her clothes. 

You never know what is going to happen! At least we weren't in Arizona.

Moving right along to happier things, here is the beautiful hostel we moved to after getting our money back at the dive.

Me and Emma on our adorable new beds

Breakfast? Perfect.
Oh yeah, and this place was 21000 pesos a night and included breakfast. If you can get past the sounds of the father with dementia (we thought there was passionate lovemaking going on at first...very awkward moment with the women running the place that was hopefully lost in translation) and the sounds of screaming children coming from the carnival down the street, then you can enjoy the sound of the waves while eating breakfast on the veranda in the morning.

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  1. at least you saw the light at the end of the tunnel!! that first place looked SUPER NARLY!!!!