Monday, January 10, 2011

Fotos from Cajon de Maipo

I already shared Cajon de Maipo, but not fotos. Enjoy!

Emma and I hiking uphill in the heat of the day 
Woops! the needles on this cactus were a few inches long

Henrik and the valley of the Maipo River below

Hey guys!

Henrik chilling out in the cave

Me on the first climb


Henrik and his first outdoor climb

Emma making a go at it 

Hanging out in the tree! Emma is just happy to get out of the sun

Ildi and the valley

Me leading the second climb. Super fun!


Feeding Emma wild boar from the restaraunt Patagonia we ate at the night before

Ildi tackling the crux



Henrik at the top!

Me on climb three. Photo top tope climb

Chilling at the base

Ildi doing a climbing move


Look guys, no hands! 


Ildi and my nostrils

My second photo set up. Super safe.


Me on climb four

BBQ at the refugio in Cajon de Maipo. It's midnight. We haven't eaten dinner. We're starving....
From the left: Fernando our Chilean climbing buddy and guide for the day couple I don't know...

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